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Why do you need to undergo Arthroscopic Ligament Surgery?

Every organ in human body has different functions and damage caused to any one creates huge problem in the normal functioning of the body. Knees are very important joints as they enable the person to walk, bend, climb stairs and perform other activities with ease. They carry the weight of your whole body and that is why they are always under immense pressure. Your knee joint is made up of bones, ligaments and cartilage. If due to any reason, these parts are damaged then it can cause problem in the regular movement of the leg and can obstruct its ability to walk.

The ligaments present in your leg are very tough, flexible cords of tissue that hold the bones firmly. They ensure that bones are always together and help in regular movements of leg like walking & running. When a person does an activity in which strain is caused to the leg like twisting or bending the knee while playing sports then these ligaments get damaged. At times, people even hear the sound of tearing of ligaments when it actually happens. In such situations, the person experiences a lot of pain and swelling in the area and is unable to walk properly. The only available solution to this problem is Arthroscopic ligament surgery which is must be done only by expert hands.

What happens in Arthroscopic ligament surgery?

Your surgeon will give you regional anaesthesia or general anaesthesia before starting the surgery so that you don’t feel pain. He will make 2-4 small incisions in the area around the knee and insert instruments through them. There is a camera and light source attached to the front edge of the instrument so that surgeon can have clear view of the inside area. This way, he can see the problem and repair it same time.

Arthroscopic ligament surgery in Delhi is beneficial as compared to open surgery because:

  • The surgeon can work on the area more accurately and precisely.
  • The incisions made are much smaller.
  • Risk factors are also less.
  • Repair of the ligament can be done same time as diagnostic arthroscopy.
  • Majority of the times, the patient doesn’t have to stay over-night in the hospital.

After the surgery is done, your knee may feel little stressed out. You may even feel slight numbness in the area surrounding your knee. You might experience swelling which can be reduced by using ice-packs. After few days of surgery, you can see visible improvements in your knee.

Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy is an expert surgeon who performs Arthroscopic ligament surgery in Delhi with high success rate. He gives individual care to patients and ensures that all their needs are met on immediate basis. You can visit his website for more details on the surgery.

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