Forget your knee pain with joint replacement surgery

People of all ages can suffer from knee pain. Earlier it was more common in older people as there was wear & tear of joints or they suffered from basic diseases like osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis. But these days, one sees that even children complain of knee pain. This usually happens because they might have some congenital defects (defects at the time of birth) or deficiency of important vitamins or minerals. Whatever may be the reason, orthopaedic surgeons usually have a permanent solution to this bone & joint problem.

Generally, a well-qualified and experienced orthopaedic doctor will suggest non-surgical methods to the patient in order to get relief from knee pain, like he may give you some medicines, suggest for lifestyle changes, daily workouts, physiotherapy etc. In case, all these techniques have no effect on your knee pain then surgery is usually recommended. Depending on the damage caused to your knee joint, your doctor will recommend which type of surgery he will do. If there is a lot of damage caused to knee joint, then total knee replacement is done. On the other hand, if the knee joint is less diseased or damaged, then partial knee.

Joint replacement surgeon will perform this surgery with a lot of care and ensure that the patient has to undergo minimum discomfort and trauma. In majority of the cases, minimally invasive technique is used to perform knee replacement surgery. He will replace the damaged part of knee with artificial one, that is more strong and allows for better quality of life.

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replacement surgery is done.

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