Most effective way to diagnose & treat your joint problems – Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is one of the latest developments in science that has enabled both the patients and the doctor to diagnose & treat the problem with less complications. In this procedure, a doctor can visualise the inside of your joint by inserting a tiny instrument known as arthroscope through small incision made in your skin. An arthroscope has a light source and a camera attached to it. So, the surgeon can see your joint clearly on a TV monitor and hence diagnose your problem and if required treat it simultaneously.

There are many bone and joint problems that require X-ray, MRI or CT scan to diagnose them. But there are some injuries that need further diagnosis and this is done with the help of special technique called arthroscopy. Arthroscopy Surgeon can accurately diagnose your problem with the help of arthroscopy and then treat it at the same time. Various problems that can be diagnosed and treated with arthroscopy are reconstruction of ACL of knee, repair of ligaments that tear due to some injury, removing lose bone/ cartilage, repair of torn meniscus of knee, rotator cuff surgery and many other such problems.Arthroscopy Surgeon ensures that this procedure is done precisely on all the required joints and no complications occur.

In arthroscopy, as the incision made is very small compared to open surgery, therefore, the trauma for the patient is also quite little. Your surgeon will give either general anaesthesia or regional one depending on the area and the extent of your problem. You can expect to get best results when you get yourself treated from Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy in Delhi – Best Arthroscopy Surgeon in Delhi. You must schedule an appointment with him if you want to get arthroscopy done with top results and in cost-effective manner.

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