Arthritis Not to Be Taken Lightly, Get It Treated at Delhi’s Best Hospital

Arthritis is that disorder of the joints wherein one or more joints suffer from inflammation. Quite often than not, such inflammation is accompanied by pain in the joints. Such a pain is medically termed as ‘arthralgia’. Arthritis is of many types. While some are associated with inflammation resulting from an overactive immune system, others manifest as a result of wear and tear of cartilage. Nowadays, arthritis has become too common, not just in elderly people but in persons of all age groups alike.

Injuries, hereditary factors, a direct and indirect effect of infections, metabolic abnormalities, and a misdirected immune system with autoimmunity are some of the causes of arthritis. Timely diagnosis of this disease is utmost important as that is the only way which can help cure the disorder successfully while also preventing irreversible damage and disability.

Many people search for the best arthritis treatment in Delhi because Delhi is the most sought-after city in India for medical treatments and hospitals. For all such people, Dr. Roy Joint Clinic is a prominent hospital where Dr. Shuvendu Prosad Roy provides the best arthritis treatment in Delhi.

His treatment begins with a review of the history of the symptoms along with an examination of the joints for inflammation and deformity. Dr. Roy also asks the patient questions related to other parts of the body for inflammation. He may also examine other body parts for any signs of diseases or inflammation. If deemed necessary, Dr. Roy orders certain tests such as blood, urine, joint fluid, and/or X-ray. Since exercise routines strengthen the musculoskeletal system and are helpful in providing joint stability while also improving balance, therefore he also provides his patient’s properly guided programs of exercises and rest. It is, therefore, advised that anyone seeking the best arthritis treatment in Delhi ought to visit Dr. Roy Joint Clinic once.

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